What is the first thing you think of looking at that word?
Is it a school speech your anxious to present? That proud moment when you stood up for yourself, a friend, or complete stranger?
Whether you carry confidence around or not, it is within us. All of us possess the power and have the choice to do new things, accomplish goals, reach new potentials, and check-off bucket list dreams.
Imagine this: Put your mind in focus with something you've longed to do for quite some time now.... Really, really dig deep and visualize it. Let that image consume you, become you...Once you're there, see yourself doing that thing. Do you see it? How do you feel? Ecstatic, I can only imagine.
I wish I could say I'm pretty familiar with that feeling, but unfortunately, I'm not.
I always see success as an equation (which is really funny considering I hate maths). In order to reach success (on your own personal level), you need to do three things: Add confidence with risk and subtract any obstacles standing in your way.
Let me make this more visually clear for you (class :😂 )
Success = Confidence + Risk - Obstacles
Seems simple, but in truth, it's a pretty damn hard equation to crack.
Taking risks and conquering obstacles is a challenge  in itself, but at the end of the day, everything you do, every choice you make, is down to confidence.
Every life journey starts with a spritz of confidence to get the wheels rolling.
So going back to that first word you saw earlier in this post:
I truly believe that you can achieve ANYHTING you put your mind to! There is no limit to anything!  Even if it's just one step a day, it's a step forward and that's progress. No step is too small or too big!
Just imagine how much more you can achieve with your life if you had all the confidence in the world.
Now I know I'm not one to talk. Honestly, words speak to some degree, but as the saying goes, "your actions speak louder than your words."
Right, then what are some calls to actions to boost confidence?
Well, there's the obvious:
-Think positive thoughts
-Push negativity away
But have you thought about doing some of these?
-Edit your self image to the person you want to become. No, I don't mean taking a selfie and applying every filter available on VSCO CAM (Your beautiful as you are). Instead, paint a mental picture or  create a vision board of everything you wish to be (and yes, it's okay to want that nice new car, a closet the size of a bedroom, and sparkling diamond earrings. Material things are just part of life  these days, but that doesn't make you a materialist. Add them  to the  board!)
-Dress the way you feel. If you're feeling ankle booties in 28 degrees Celsius weather, you rock those ankle boots; let them turn heads!  If you like wearing all black, wear all black! Believe it not, wearing something that you've been hesitant to wear before is a confidence booster! I definetly have a hand full of clothes that I have bought (and absolutely love), but can't bring myself to wear because I'm so self conscious of my body! 🙈 One of those items are shorts. I have a petit figure, so when I put on a pair of shorts and look at myself in the mirror, I can't mute the thoughts that arise of what  others might think of when they see me in public! "Why is she so skinny?!" "She needs to put some meat on those bones!" Trust me when I say I've actually heard it all... it's hurtful and makes me that much more self-conscious. I lack confidence in that area BIG TIME, but if I'm going to write a blogpost about the topic, I need to take action myself. I have made a promise to myself to get a better wear of the clothes in my closet that make I haven't worn due to my lack in confidence. It feels good to challenge my demon thoughts and go for something new! I know I won't change as a person. Confidence isn't gained overnight, but it's better to at least try then wonder "what if" for the rest of your life! You never know what could happen when you step out of comfort zone...
I now challenge you to do the same! What is one thing you lack confidence in? If you can relate to my struggle, I've got a brilliant solution for you! Dia&Co. They are a clothing and personal styling company that can help you with ANY fashion dilemma! All you have to do is complete a style profile, and the style experts will take care of the rest. It's basically like a year-round christmas! How cool is that?!
I challenge you to take a chance, take a leap of faith, a step forward towards solving the equation of success... 😘 Don't forget to share your thoughts and stories down below! Sometimes even writing it out helps! ❤️
-ciao xx
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