I admire anyone who, when they decide to change their hairstyle, goes for it without thinking. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite! Not only am I always PETRIFIED when it comes to changing up my hair, when I do finally decide to do something different with it, it takes me ages to settle on what type of hairdo I want. Recently I got the random desire to chop my hair into a lob (a long bob), and the first place I went to search for those type hairstyles was Pinterest. While searching, I came across this photo (on the left) of Model and Actress, Rosie Huntington-Whitelely, and instantly fell in love not only with the type of haircut she has, but the color as well. The only problem, like I mentioned earlier, was that I don’t like to experiment with my hair AT ALL; when I like a certain style, I stick to it. But since I’m going to be a senior this upcoming fall, I decided to swallow my fear and just do something completely different with my hair!

When I went to the hairstylist, I wasn’t sure how to describe exactly what I wanted, so I just took a snapshot of the picture I was opting for and showed it to her. As for the colour, I didn’t dye my hair completely; instead I got blonde highlights put in. (pictured right) this was the end result, I absolutely love how it turned out and couldn’t be happier! For future hair appointments I wouldn’t mind going even lighter or shorter?!  For anyone who is like me, scared to cut/change their hairstyle yet wants to, take it from me and go for it! Although I haven’t dealt with it for long, I’m pretty sure the amount of time I'll have to spend styling it will be cut in half and hopefully “bad hair days” will be a thing in the past.J
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