As its summer now, everything seems to be more colorful; from the bright flowers and plants of the outdoors, to the palette variations of clothing in your closet. (When I wrote this I thought it would sound a bit poetic, but reading back, no… I can’t do poetry) I know there are people out there that reorganize their wardrobe as the seasons change from spring/summer to fall/winter and vise versa. I used to be one of those people but as I got older and busier I found that I don’t have the time and patience (mostly patience) to do this every year.  However, I have organized my closet in a way so that my lighter clothes are all arranged in one place together, and my warmer clothes are all arranged in another. As the seasons change I know exactly where to look for specific outfits, but one piece of clothing I know I can rely on all year round is denim.
Inspiration Board

I Love Denim, Period. On a regular basis I know that if I have nothing in mind to wear or if I’m rushing to get ready, denim is the number one piece I reach for. It’s very versatile and can be paired with almost anything, plus, denim can always be dressed up or down depending on the shoes you choose to pair it with and the type of top chosen to go with it. Listed above are some pictures I have found on Pinterest for outfit inspirations. Worn as dresses, long jeans, shorts, overalls, denim is the ultimate wardrobe piece MUST HAVE!

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