For the short while that I have been on Blogger, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I Love Blogging; let me just start with that before saying why I have been offline for what seems like a lifetime to me. After last posting, I went on Holiday/ a vacation with my fam to MEXICO! This marked my third year going and hopefully not my last. Everything about vacationing in Mexico is perfect; the staff are friendly, the food choice is endless, and most importantly, the beaches make every time going a complete paradise! (BTW I will be using exclamation points on pretty much every sentence so if that bothers you, sorry but i'm letting you know now.) Every time we go it's different but this year, our stay was for seven days and six nights. Besides the fact that I got Super sunburned on the last day, I got the chance to visit one of the seven wonders of the world; Chichen-itza. All I can say about that excursion is WOW (for all the beauty and history I learned in just one day and also for the extreme heat- it was over 100 degrees!) Every other day besides the excursion on our second-to-last-day was spent on the beach tanning away! Unfortunately, on my last day, I decided to use a tanning oil with an SPF of 4!!!!! (word of advise, Never do that!) and you can guess what happened when I got to the hotel room that night (I was a walking tomato; no over exaggeration included) All in all, everything was great (and short, but what vacation ever feels long enough).
I'm not one to easily open up about my personal life to others, but I decided to pick some pictures out that I really liked and that mainly highlighted my trip to add to this post. (obviously these are not All of the pictures taken from my trip- I have a mom that, wherever it is we go, does not let go of the camera!) I hope you enjoy these next few photos! :)

i n f o: The hotel we stayed at had a jungle theme, so everywhere you looked, there were ranging animals from peacocks to monkeys, iguanas, etc.

Me and my lil sis Kristina in the lobby on our first day upon arrival!

@ Chichen- Itza
Me, my mom, and my sister @ the airport on our way back

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