Happy Sunday!
I know that for some (including me), Sunday is not a day that's hyped about, (thus this does not deserve an exclamation point) because it only means that tomorrow is Monday again, have to go to school, and you (me) have to start counting down the days until Friday! 5 more... But I know how you can no longer dismay this day: Wake up on Monday morning, look into the mirror, and smile! :) Tell yourself you will accomplish everything that needs accomplishing for the day, and don't stress yourself out. *Just something to think about; try it out and tell me if it works* 
On the same topic, yesterday I went apple picking for the first time! The weather was perfecto for taking autumnal walks whilst watching the leaves swiftly  fall from trees, so that is exactly what my family and I did; We packed a basket with sandwiches, cheese, veggies, some red wine, and took off. The scenery while driving was just as beautiful as the actual destination. Imagine driving through a one lane road with a deep blue river view running on your left, and a golden picturesque forest view on your right; Peeking cliffs catching your eye in every turn. It was majestic! 

After a short hour and a half drive, we got to the farm with full anticipation (and hunger). But first on the list before lunch was- apples! Of course picking your own apples was optional if that isn’t to your enjoyment; there is a market where you can purchase pre picked ones and other fall goodies. However, to my family, the whole fun was in picking them ourselves. We participated in a hayride, which picked us up from the main entrance and rode to the apple branch fields. There was no limit to time, so I took advantage of that and had my photographer (my little sister, Kristina) take some OOTD pictures of me. Golden Delicious wasn’t the only type to pick from, but my family likes those best; every bite comes in a tang combination of both sweet and sour. It didn’t take long for our bags to fill, so our stay was fairly short. We then got back on the tractor who took us back to the main farm.

The actual apple picking experience wasn’t long at all (maybe 2 hours’ tops), therefore right after, we began a search for the “perfect” lunch destination. No one was picky with choice, though, because we were all starving by that time! Our location did end up begin perfect, as it was situated right by the river. There was also a lighthouse (the symbol for the town we were in) that made me feel as though I was by the sea front. <3
All in all, I had a lovely time and I will sure be making another visit soon!
                                                                                                                              Ciao! :)




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