It all started on a sunny day in 2005. My family and I had decided to take a trip to one of our local parks to visit the Butterfly house (it’s exactly what it sounds like: a large humid space full with butterflies and greenery which you can walk around and look at)…
(You are not in writing class Silvia; don’t bore your readers with excess information!) I actually find it quite difficult at the moment to not write formally; as I’m back in school. Therefore, I have to constantly remind myself that this is a personal blog (almost like a journal) which will not be graded upon the use of strong vocabulary or proper grammar( though that is Always important!); don’t think, just write. ANYWAY, I have long been holding back on writing this post; not because I’m hesitant on posting it, but because I just can’t seem to find the time. Today is not one of my regular come home from school, eat a snack, do some homework, procrastinate, do more homework, eat dinner, go to bed, kind of day (take a breath; that was a long sentence!) So I knew this was the perfect time to write. This is my journey (which is still in action) of doing Bulgarian Folklore Dance. Enjoy!
I was 8 years old when my dad and I joined the “Bulgarian Spirit” dance group. The only other experience I had had with dance before that was in Pre-school (nursery) back in Bulgaria, when my whole class would present dance recitals to our parents (of course that doesn’t count as having any knowledge of dance). I think joining anything without having previous understanding is tough in itself; but being only 10 years old and inexperienced, I think shocked me the most. I first started out being in a separate kids group with 2 other girls and 3 boys. We would learn our own dances and recite them in between intervals of the main group. That was really enjoyable for me because I gained friends (some of which I still know) and danced in festivals I would never have attended otherwise. 

While that lasted a couple of years, eventually everyone grew up (as one does) and things changed. Most of my dance friends entered high school, started playing sports, and just lost interest in dance. So just like that, the kid dance group fell apart, and I ended up taking a short break myself. My dad continued, as the main group stayed together, and I would go with him to his practices and watch.  I don’t remember exactly how long I stopped dancing for, but I never lost interest; on the outside I wasn’t dancing, but inside, I had never stopped. Finally in 2010, I started back up; this time in the main group. I felt big and great to be back at it! My mom and little sister also eventually joined.
And I haven’t stopped ever since. To this day, I still have dance practice almost every Friday and Sunday (aside from holiday breaks). While I have been absent to school events and friend gatherings because of dance, I have had much more opportunities to travel to distant lands and meet people I would never have had the chance to otherwise. I still plan to continue for as long as I stay in my state, but I do have plans and one day, unfortunately I will have to leave this hobby behind for another. The memories I have made, experiences gained, and places I have visited will always remain close to my heart, wherever life may take me.

This is a copy from a page out of the newspaper which I was included in a LONG while back. I wanted to add  it not for bragging purposes or anything along those lines; just to simply show just how ridiculous I am in this photo. No joke, I look as if i'm either using the toilet or am constipated (you thought that too, don't lie). Even in official pictures, I can never Not pull off a weird face! Some things just never change! :D
                                                                                                                                           Ciao! :)

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