A couple of nights ago, I was looking after one of my mom's friends kids. If you baby sit younger children on a regular basis, you would know that no matter how much you plan leading up to that date, when the time comes, you blank. That is what happened with me that night. Maria (is her adorable little name) and I played hide-and-go-seek (which let me tell you, is her absolute favourite game), coloured, and played with her dollies. But after a while, I ran out of ideas on what to do, and with an hour still left to watch her, I slumped on the couch empty minded. I watched Mimi play with her Barbie, and an idea sparked! I would braid her hair!
When it comes to playing with other's hair, I could do it all day. However, I do not enjoy others playing with my hair; I don't know why but I just don't. I have done braids and braids thousands of times, so that night, I decided to experiment and do (what I like to call it) an "Inside-Out Braid". It is essentially a french braid, just braided inside-out (it looks and sounds confusing/complicated but trust me, once you learn to make it, it is not that difficult). Once I made a plat all the way down I secured her hair with an elastic band, and a playful , scrunchy type, band on top of the elastic. To add volume to the hair, I pulled on the stands (gently of course); this way, it made her hair look even thicker than it already was, and it added on to the 3-D effect.
I was really proud of the end result; I had to take a picture of it! I definitely recommend to anyone who enjoy's doing these types of things (or anyone really) to try it out. Also, don't forget to let me know if you do try it out and explain how/if it worked! Thanks for reading!
                                                                                                                                                   Ciao! :)
Hairspiration- Inside Out Braid
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