Sometimes I feel like all of my outfits are "rainy day OOTD's", but then I remember that I live in a bipolar state; where the weather app is the first icon on my phone so I can check (Always) before I leave my house. No but in all seriousness, this year has been the rainiest I can remember it ever being! This doesn't bother me; the rain has never bothered me. Before you assume this, no, I am not a depressing person, rain just makes me feel relaxed, no matter how busy my schedule may be. I love waking up to the sound of silent rain on a Saturday morning, not having anything to do, and staying in bed, covered from head to toes and the fairy lights turned on. That's kind of what I did today when I got back from school, although the rain had stopped and the sun was peeping through. I'm really indulging in these last warm days of the season, as next week is supposed to get chilly.
Sometimes I do this thing where I pick an outfit for school the night before, but in the morning when I wake up and see it, I put it straight back in my closet, wondering what might have been going though my mind when choosing that outfit. That same instance happened this morning. I woke up (after hitting snooze on my alarm clock at least 5 times), and realized I wan't in the mood to wear the outfit I had picked out from the night before. So I quickly dug through my closet and paired this outfit instead. It illuminates my mood for the day perfectly; I wanted to look presentable in public, but at the same time comfy because I was (am) So lacking on sleep.
I have on:
A grey jumper from Kohl's,
Underneath the jumper I have on a cropped lace button-up that is in the colour white from Express (but only had the collar pocking out),
and paired that with white and grey, cotton shorts from H&M.
                                                                                                                                             Ciao! :)
I AM wearing shorts underneath,  Promise! :)

Comfy Chic- OOTD
This is my kitty Lucky (not actually a kitty anymore, but I still like to think so)! He went with the colour combination of my outfit, so I had to include him. 

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