School post #3? 4? I don't know, I lost track. I like posting during school though, (when I'm finished doing school work) because otherwise I'm scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, looking at things I have already seen twice.
This outfit post is from the other day (Tuesday, September 15). I really like the combination of army green and nude. It is a great duo for the fall season, whether or not it is in style. I'm not one who follows EVERY SINGLE new style trend that is displayed on the runway (mainly because I can't afford even the hair accessory that the models wear- I don't have a job yet), but also because I believe in self- style; I don't want to copy every trend but more so reflect my own. 
In contrary to that point, however, I got inspired for this outfit when I saw Kendall Jenner post a picture on Instagram recently, with a cropped turtle-neck top.

 I quickly remembered I had a turtle neck top at well. This is the final result!
                                                                                                                                         Ciao! :)
Style Recreation- The Crop Top

Style Recreation- The Crop Top

Style Recreation- The Crop Top
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