As you would know by now, I LOVE fashion, so when I heard about this new fashion club in my school, I had to join! The first meeting was this past week, but i'm excited to see what things i'll do throughout the semester. This is the outfit I wore that day; it was hot, but a still breeze kept the weather cool. Today, however, I have been staying home all day (it's only 11:54 a.m. though) because outside, it feels like a sauna!
Anyway, enough with the weather forecast. Going back the topic of fashion and how passionate I am about it. I really see myself persuing a career with fashion in the near future, but as of right now, I'm only still dreaming (like everyone tells me). That is the thing with me, I am the biggest dreamer of all dreamers; I only dream big and set big goals for myself. On friday at school, I had a senior workshop, which is where we search and learn about colleges and basically about our future after high school. I may be a dreamer, but when it comes to searching for colleges, I get stuck. Don't get me wrong, I want to study at University, I just don't know where. And can we talk about how expensive it is?! I have been doing some extra research after school and found a college for fashion in the Beautful city of London, England! It is Very far away from where I live (in the U.S.), but I fell in love with the school. The name of the college is called "London College of Fashion", it is situated in the city and it offers what I want to study (obviously :D). After watching endless amound of Youtube videos and searching every website possible, I know that that is where I want to go. I'm originally from Bulgaria, so I'm very familar with the European lifestyle, as I go back often. The culture, lifestlye, the people, history, everything about London fasinates me and I can honestly say that it has captured my heart and soul! I want to visit soon and really get a sense of it in my own perspective! Now I don't know how things will unroll but I'm excited to see where my future will take me, and I hope I can bring you along  with me, to experience this Journey! I want to continue blogging as it brightens my days, and like today, I can easily write about topics that interest me.
You know when you hear a certain song, and you get this feeling of letting all your feelings out? That is how I feel momentarily whilst listening to "Fight Song" by Rachel platten! I've been thinking about how just a few months ago, I was contemplating whether I should start a blog, but was too scared. Now I feel really proud of myself because I conquered that fear. Don't be afraid to conquer yours too!!! <3 THAT WAS REALLY CLICHE!!! hahaha
ANYWAY, now that that is off my chest, I want to wish you a great day or night (wherever in the world you are), and enjoy this Outfit of the day from a couple of days ago!
                                                                                                                                            Ciao! :)

The Fashion Club- OOTD

The Fashion Club- OOTD

The Fashion Club

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