On Friday, my family and I went and bought our annual Christmas tree (finally). I had been looking forward to deck out my entire house probably since Halloween, and when we finally did, I was overjoyed! In previous years, my family had reused a fake Christmas tree, but for the third year this year, we went out and bought a real one. I'm surely not the only one who prefers a real Christmas tree over a fake; the pine aroma that carries throughout the house makes it feel for Christmassy and cozy. We have yet to decorate the exterior of our house but as for the interior, it is all Christmas everything.(not quite but you get it). My favourite part of the day during this time of year is in the evening when we turn on the Christmas lights and the fairy lights around the fireplace and watch Christmas films. (sigh... Only 10 more hours). I decided to take capture some snippets of my decor as Pinterest has inspired me. Enjoy!
                                                                                                                                            Ciao! :) 

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