Finally, it's starting to feel like spring once more (at least where I live)...
I know I have not been present recently, so to make up for my absence, I decided to shoot not one, but TWO OOTD's because those are my favourite types of posts to upload and I feel as though many others enjoy them as well. For today's outfit, I paired one of my current go-to navy green pants from Kohl's with a plain white long sleeve shirt and my staple black leather jacket. For shoes, I wanted to wear something breathable and light, so I opted for these white, knock-off keds from Target. Target is my go to place for affordable knock-off brand shoes that I would otherwise never think of spending a boat load of money on for the original pair.
 I know I uploaded a similar outfit post back in December but I wanted to alter the styling of the pant to match the beautiful spring weather. It's amazing to think you can wear a piece of clothing when it's 0 degrees outfit and again when it's 70; if you find the time, many of your wardrobe go-to's can be altered to fit multiple seasons. By doing this not only will you be saving space in your closet from overbuying unnecessary things, you will also save loads of money, and your wallet will dearly thank you.
I hope you are having a lovely Sunday (or on whatever day you are reading this), and I will see you again soon! 
                                                                                                                                                   Ciao! :)

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