OK, I've got to get something out of my head...
Why is it that most people don't follow through with their passions, dreams, and goals in life?
Why is "reality" seen as such a hazy, dreadful word?
"Back to reality," they say. "Back to the real world."
Well I think differently. I believe reality CAN be everything one wishes it to be.
One's passion is only as achievable as one sets it out to be.
Your dreams are reachable, one just needs the courage to reach out and grab them.
And goals, whether big or small, they are what keep this world going; they are mysteries waiting to be unfolded.
I plan on living an extraordinary life, one where I'm not insecure, so closed-in, or safe.
Because lets be real, who ever reads the instructions on a package? You dive right in and figure it out as you go.
That's how life should be: Fun.Risky.Exhilarating.
I want to jump out of bed every morning willing to go to work, not realizing it's only Monday because I don't care.
Everyday is a blessing and people should look forward to everyday, not just the weekends.
Life is a mystery, and I plan on figuring mine out!
What are you going to do?
Well, now that that's out of the way, I can officially begin my post...Hello!
I know that following this I have an outfit post, but it's what I love blogging best! I just wanted to clear my head as I've recently been thinking about this subject Nonstop. Everyone keeps reminding me of my future, and my career outlooks. But to be honest, I feel lost; lost with direction toward my life.
But it's okay. 
It's Ok because I dream, have a passion for the fashion industry, and have set goals bigger than one's reach! I'm also a firm believer in the theory of The Law of Attraction - the idea that good things come to those who think optimistically; positive energy that's brought out to the universe, is received back to the individual.
Long story short: Dream Big!
                                                                                                                                                 - Ciao! :)

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