Today's post is an OOTD (as you probably expected by the title), but I thought I'd start off with a little announcement... I'm officially employed! :D I know, I know, someone could be reading this working full time, with a ridiculously stupid schedule at a job they absolutely Hate! However, for me, this is a new experience which I'm super excited to take upon! Sleep deprivation, work stress, annoying customers, if (and when) that occurs, I'll sure to let you know so that you don't feel like you're the only one feeling like so. :)
On to today's post... I paired this outfit for a birthday brunch I attended yesterday. After indulging on a delish savory crepe whilst catching up with old and new pals, I came home and snatched my photographer (sis Kristina) to capture this outfit.
The combination of the navy blue, short sleeved sweater with the bubblegum pink jeans expresses a colour block combination which to me, is described as: It's still warm outside and technically still summer according to my calendar; however, summer for me is long gone and it's time for the autumn wardrobe to be reopened. This colour combination expresses a summer essences, while the style of clothing represents a peak of autumn.- Well that was a long description... To put it in short, I've become tired of my summer clothes, therefore have brought out my warmer pieces (yet i'm currently writing this post wearing shorts and a t-shirt because it's boiling outside :x )  I'm just ready for the festive season to begin!!! I mean, all supermarkets have brought out their Halloween/ Autumn ranges and some even their Christmas ranges alongside; so how can one Not be ready for Autumn!?
                                                                                                                                         - Ciao! :)

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