So, I recently I decided I would come up with 10 goals I want to set up for myself to accomplish before I turn 30 years old.
"But why not make a bucket list of things to do before you die, Silvia?" - Well, I contemplated on that idea as well, but came to the simple conclusion that there is just TOO MUCH I want to do before I die that no one would want to read an entire blog post about it. And I know that 30 might seem like a century away; hell, I don't know if a site like this one will exist anymore in a few given years, but it would be really interesting to look back on these goals and see how much I accomplish!
Here are my 10 life goals set for the next 12 years of my life :D
1.Live in London, England - I had to make this one the first of my top ten because it's the one goal that is dearest to my heart at the moment and one I cannot not fulfill. My absolute dream is to go and study in London and upon graduating, find a job there and stay. Then find an English husband, get married, and live in the countryside with three children (first and boy, then a girl, then another boy) who all speak in beautiful English accents... Okay, I'm pushing the buttons a bit much on that last part, but hey, this is a goals list; might as well call it a dream list instead. :)
2.Travel across Europe - Since we are on the topic of traveling, this next goal seemed fitted for my number two goal. I was originally born in Europe (Bulgaria) and although I don't currently live in a European country, that lifestyle will always suit me best and be most preferred by me. (I don't think I mentioned Europe enough. hahaha) And having gotten the opportunity to visit Rome, Italy this summer, being exposed to different cultures forced me to move out of my comfort zone and meet new people. This was definitely challenging yet fun for me and I want to feel the energy of it once again soon!
3.Find love - Cheesy and yet so simplistic.
4.Make a difference in someone's life - Doing something for someone without expecting something in return. This should be on everyone's bucket list/ goals sheet. Seeing someone smile for even the smallest gesture, puts an even bigger grin on my face and that makes all the difference.
5.Pursue my passion in High Fashion - Life is honestly WAY to short to be living a life where you are not happy. I want to do something I love, a career I don't feel the need for a holiday from. Call me a dreamer, but I can't disagree.
6.Attend a fashion show - This goal corresponds with the previous one. I'm hoping that with the pursuit of my dream career, fashion show opportunities arise and I get the chance to meet face-to-face with some of the worlds biggest and best known designers!
7.Go to Italy accompanied by friends, loved ones, or a significant other and attend a winery to drink authentic wine and eat classic cheeses - This one may seem really simple, but for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of going to Italy and drinking authentic wine while looking out to a jaw-dropping view of the sea and hillsides.
8. Buy a home - I cannot wait for the day I get to design everything in my own house! It's like a hobby for me- looking at interior magazines/online sites and imaging I'm buying for my home. My absolute dream is to design the entire layout of my house, however! Personal Capital has a free personal finance software to help set budgets and achieve your financial goals, like buying a house!
9.Watch a metier shower - I've seen shooting stars here and there, but a metier shower, how sick would that be to experience?!
10. Be happy - this is always a goal for me (not that I'm not already) but I want to continue to be a spread happiness. 
11. Of course I want to fulfill other things in life before I turn 30: like get married and have children, but I didn't put those on my list because they aren't goals, but rather life experiences...
What are some life goals you have set for yourself, and what time span have you got them to achieve? I really enjoyed thinking and coming up with my top ten! This activity reminded me when I took a course in Creativity: we were given the assignment to construct a vision board, with the purpose to help bring your goals/visions to life. Have a go at it for yourself and you never know what time could bring you!
                                                                                                                                                - Ciao! :)
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