Hello, beautiful people! 😍
I hope your week has been as fab as you are! Today's OOTD comes with some stirring news. After two years of casual uploading, I have at last decided on a precise date for my weekly blog posts: every Friday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. YAY! It feels SO good knowing I’ll finally have a consistent uploading agenda! Deciding what day would be most suitable for my readers and my schedule was not easy, but nonetheless Friday seemed like the perfect day- I’ll have all week to snap pictures of outfits and edit them before their “due date”. And yes you read correctly, I said outfit(s) because there could be more than one blog entry each Friday! You’ll just have to wait and be surprised!
And since we on the topic of news (...stops writing to decide if I'm actually ready to announce this publicly... even though the thing I'm contemplating on announcing is currently public for anyone in the world to see... lol...) Right... I think I'll start with the backstory, that way it will make more sense as to why I have even begun this in the first place. 
So flashback to around five or six years ago. 13-year-old me was going through a phase where fitting in with the middle school crowd was kind of a big deal (sounds silly thinking about it now but we've all been there, don't deny it). I wanted to look like some of the girls in my school - with their perfectly styled hair and flawless eye makeup; there had to be a way I could learn to do all that! And with that idea in my head, I stumbled upon the world of YouTube. (cue angels singing "aah ahh" here) I was hooked from the VERY beginning! I mean how could you not be! There were hair tutorials and fashion clothing hauls, quick and simple school lunch ideas; EVERYTHING I was seeking was all right there for me to indulge in and learn about! YouTube soon became my escape from reality at times I needed it, my guilty pleasure when I would procrastinate work, and my virtual school where I was "taught" all subjects that we were either never brought up in real school or ones that were too uncomfortable for me to speak about to anyone in real life with. From tips on dealing with school work/stress, puberty, sex, friendships/relationships, the list is actually endless!
Now fast forward to today. Besides my age and appearance (and the fact that I no longer give a cahoot about fitting in), not much has changed; I'm still a daily watcher and huge supporter of YouTube videos. Of course, the YouTube platform has evolved and many people vlog more aside from main channel content. I read and see (in the least stalker way possible, I swear!) the way these online influencers positively impact the lives of their viewers, and that's kind of where this whole announcement comes into play... For a couple of years now I have contemplated the idea of starting my own channel, but everytime that idea rolled in my head, I would shake it off merely because I was scared of what would happen. However, in October, I realized something: Instead of thinking "What would happen if I started my very own YouTube channel?" I asked myself, "What would happen if I Don't?" Nothing. That is the simple answer to that question. And I don't want to die knowing I wanted to do something badly but never took action; I want to know that I took uncertain risks. And will these risks work out, I do not know, but isn't that the magic of life? Not knowing?
I wanted to officially announce it on my blog, even though I have had my channel running for a couple of months now. I'm going to warn you though: My Content At The Moment Is A Bit Random (and by 'bit' I mean 'very random'). My niche, as is here, will mainly be based around Fashion and Lifestyle. Chatty videos, Q&A's, Collabs, Sister Videos, Product Reviews, I'm up for any of that! The one thing I'm not comfortable filming is makeup tutorials. I have never been one that has found any interest in makeup (I get that from my mom), and the last thing I want my channel to be classified as is fake. I'm not doing any of this for the views or the money; I simply want to be there if you ever feel down or have questions, need fashion inspo or just a good laugh (I try and leave most bloopers from all my footage in each video). I hope to inspire girls and boys to love their bare skin and help them feel confident when walking out the door with no makeup. I hope to put smiles on people's faces, meet incredible like-minded bloggers and vloggers, and experience breath-taking destinations.
And as uploading goes, I will have videos up every Monday @ 12:00 p.m Pacific Standard Time. 
I think I'll stop babbling now, but I'm happy I finally got to share the news! Similar to the feeling of having weights lifted off your shoulders; I feel so much better now! :)
And as for my OOTD this week: since we are on the time machine to the past, I wanted to recreate my style from back in the day. All through primary school, my mom styled me in similar turtleneck sweaters (fun fact: this same top is actually a hand down from the woman herself, my beautiful and super stylish mom)!
If you have read this far, I applaud and thank you! And if you skimmed through this post, luckily for you it's over now! 😂
I hope you have a superb weekend and a productive week to follow!
- Ciao! x

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top: Vintage hand-down from mom// navy green jeans: Kohl's// boots: Thrift Store Finds

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