Now before I begin, I realize it’s still June and therefore only the beginning of summer, but you’re wondering why I’m shopping for sweaters and boots in this heat?!?!

One of my absolute favourite stores to shop anything fashion, accessory, and/or shoe related is Kohl’s. No, I am not being sponsored by this company, but I’m still going to rave about it because it’s that grand. It is stacked with pretty much everything you could need besides food; so that includes clothing, shoes, accessories, lingerie, home ware, kitchen ware, and toys. They feature top designer brands with the latest fashion trends and they never go wrong with seasonal sales/clearances. But don’t even get me started on their coupons, discounts, and Kohl’s Cash.  Since my mom is a member she receives coupons and catalogs in the mail ALL THE TIME, so you can imagine how often we go (and on top of that the store is not even 5 minutes away from my house, if driving, so…) On most visits, I never go in with the intention to look for something specific-besides, you never find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it. Today happened to be one of those, not looking for anything specific, days. I wasn’t surprised, however, when I found that Kohl’s was having one of their last season clearances (who doesn’t love clearances?!) I of course went straight to the sweater section as my closet is crying for more sweaters. Even though its summer, shopping for clothing items that aren’t in season will hurt your wallet a little less than if they were in season. I didn't purchase many things but the prices of these items were so inexpensive, there was no way I was missing out on the opportunity. 
Disclaimer: I took these pictures from my phone camera so i'm sorry for the the bad quality, as it's not that great. I describe the actual colors under each picture.

Cold Season Preperation
This sweater was originally $40.00 but it was on sale, 80% off, and was now just $8.00! The material is very light weight, soft and stretchy enough so that it doesn't look baggy. There are three different color hues displayed on the sweater- dark grey, light grey, and a creamy neutral color. It hangs on the body beautifully and the mid V-neck adds a nice touch of elegance.

Cold Season Preparation
Brand: ELLE

Originally, this marble grey sweater was priced at $54.00, but with a 90% clearance tag, it was $5.40. This type of sweater is a bit thicker and heavier, but the chunky turtle neck collar and the layered bottom makes it easy for it to be dressed up or down. The material is soft and will surely keep anyone who has it on warm!
Cold Season Preparation

This is the lightest sweater of the three I purchased. It is a light blue sweater that, when I put on for the first time, felt like a cloud. It is SO soft and probably the most casual wear out of the other two. The actual sweater is baggy but the sleeves are a bit more tight, and the big hood makes for a great around-the-campfire pull over. Its original price was $44.00, but 90% off later, was $4.40 (Yes Please!)

Cold Season Preparation
Brand: S.O.R.A.D.

The last clothing item that I bought was this bubblegum pink crop top from the S.O.R.A.D. collection by Awesomeness TV. I'm a huge fan and have been subscribed to their channel on YouTube for quite some time now but this is my first purchase and I have to say it won't be my last. It's a very comfort-wear shirt and can be worn in the spring and fall. Another bonus to this piece is that it's long sleeved; most crop tops that I have seen in shops are either short sleeved or made as a tank top, but a long sleeved crop top can be worn for more than one season. This top was $30.00 to begin with, but then reduced 90%, so the new price for it was $3.00. It does have a tight fit, but the material is very light so it doesn't feel uncomfortable.
Cold Season Preparation
My last purchase were these long black leather boots. Although the collection from Jennifer Lopez is in the Women's section of Kohl's, I always scrummage through that isle because her taste for fashion is phenomenal; and not only does she have a clothing line, she also has a shoe collection! When I saw these shoes in the Clearance section, I ran to grab dibs (while I prayed that they were my size.. they were!!!J) I first tried them on and then looked at the price tag because I wasn't expecting them to be less then $60/$70. Turns out, they were on $10.99!!!!! The heel does look big in the picture, and it is, but they are surprising very comfortable. The boot goes up to my knee, so these shoes will make any outfit look sexy!
*Sorry for the long post, but do expect more hauls from Kohl's as like I said before, it is one of my top stores to shop at and their prices are unbeatable!

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