When it comes to traveling, I’m all for it; a vacation to Mexico, a cruise to the Bahamas, an excursion around Europe, just count me in! (I’m writing this while sitting on the couch at home…a girl can day dream)… Ok, I’m getting too distracted, but something I always have with me wherever I go is a (BIG) purse. I know not everyone is a fan of oversized handbags but if you’re like me and want to have everything equipped for “just in case” situations, (or just be known as Nancy Drew 2) I would really recommend you add one to your wish list. Whether you’re currently looking for a bigger bag to store all your bits and pieces into, need some inspiration for what to pack it with, or need some tips for keeping your purse organized; today I thought I would show you my “suit case”. 

Before I go on, I do realize that not every outfit goes with this handbag so I don’t always wear it, but it is my go-to favourite. I bought this purse last summer while visiting my home country (Bulgaria). Because it was so long ago, and my memory is not the best, I don’t remember the price or the shop I bought it at, but the brand name is called Herisson Firenze. At that time, my purchase was by surprise, as my mom was the only one on the lookout for one. We both bought the same type handbag, but I bought mine in a beige colour and my mom bought hers in a grey colour. This handbag is very practical because it can be worn on your shoulder or as a cross-body; I prefer wearing it on my shoulder.

Inside, there is a flap that separates the handbag into two sections; and if that's not enough space, the middle flap has space for even more stuff. I'm a HUGE neat freak so I obviously keep everything very organized, including my purses. To keep things in order, I separated all beauty/hygienic supplies with the random, yet still necessary things. 

On the right side of the flap, I keep things I know I might need all the time and are easily accessible; these include:

  • Gum- I always have gum in my handbag, but sometimes I have two packs in case someone asks for a piece. My recent favourite flavor has been the eclipse winterfrost.
  • Tissues- because you never know when you'll need one
  • Mini Calendar- to jot down or check for appointments, upcoming events, important reminders, etc.
  • Pen
  • Wallet- mine is from Kohl's 
  • Jewelry Bag- I like to keep one in case I have to take off any jewelry so I don't loose it or get it all tangled
  • Mini Seashell- I got this from the beach in Bulgaria that I like to keep for good luck and as a memory of home

On the left side I have:
  • Empty Bag- whenever I have extra things but don't have anywhere to put them, I take this plastic bag out and place them there.
  • Little Purple Notebook- I write any blog ideas I could post. Although it is at risk of getting lost, I like to keep this journal in my handbag because I have random creative bursts; so whenever an idea comes to mind, I take it out wherever I am and quickly write it down
  • Empty Water Bottle- I always have an empty water bottle and fill it up with water before I leave the house. This way it's safe for the environment and you don't have to spend money on water every time your thirsty, just refill

In the middle flap I like to keep all of my beauty and cleansing supplies:
  • Cetaphil Face Wipes
  • Hand Wet Wipes
  • Nivea Hand Creme
  • Extra Tissues
  • Mini Mirror
  • Mini Hair Clip
  • EOS Chap Stick
  • Lip Staining Chap Stick- just in case ;)
  • Band Aids
  • Girl Necessities (I didn't need to include it in the picture to know what i'm talking about) 

There is also a small pocket on the back of the purse where I put my keys and phone for easy access.
That's everything, surprisingly, in my handbag! Now I'm going to go back to wishing I was actually on the beach right now...
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