Hello! I've been offline for a few days now but there are reasons as to why... Ever since my last post, I have felt a bit...blank-my creativity obviously took a vaca. I realize I just recently started blogging and should be frequently posting (I've read all "how to start a fashion blog" websites ever written online) but to be honest, I don’t agree with that statement. If you are REALLY passionate about blogging (on any subject) and have a desire to create immense quality content for your viewers, you should never feel pressured to blog every single day! Good blogs don't come easy as I’m still learning that myself; uploading pictures is the easy bit since everyone has experience with that on social media, writing on the other hand… well that depends on many things; how I’m feeling that day plays a huge part. Lately I haven’t felt inspired so I didn’t want to blog about random things and not put in the time to writing well. After these couple of days, however, I have recharged and will be uploading more posts more often.  I don’t want to make this post super long, but I do want to end it with a message. Whoever is reading this with the aspiration to start a blog but are anxious to, don’t be. I know I was (VERY) before I finally gave in, but I spent too much time reading articles online on how to make the “perfect” blog and always doubted myself wiht the way my blog might turn out. Start a blog- make good quality content- take your time.
P.S. Happy (with a delay) Independence Day! Even though I’m not a born American citizen, my family still has lots to celebrate on this day because this country gave us a lot of opportunities. My day was spent pretty casually; we made a barbeque in the late afternoon and then headed to our neighborhood park to watch the fireworks display (it was magical). How was your 4th of July spent?
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