So a couple of years ago, my mom subscribed to the Fashion Magazine, “INSTYLE” and I have ever since been hooked on reading it every month. After reviewing the August issue that came in the mail just days before, I came up with the idea to write a blog post about the many clothing items and accessories I found were lovely (trust me, there was a lot but I merely shortened the list to my top 11). Starting off with the accessories I have more of than clothes (not literally but I sure wouldn't mind even if I did) -Shoes:
Magazine Inspiration
Far Left: I really love investing in all different style boots; ankle booties, over-the-knee, leather, black, brown, I'll have them all please! When I cam across these JIMMY CHOO boots, however, I couldn't help but stare at their beauty. Not only are they leather and metallic/ blood red, they are sure to turn heads wherever you go out with them. These boots stood out in particular to me because they style between an ankle boot and just under the knee boot. This sexy and chic swift to boots has me fired up to buy them; i'm sure i'm not the only one. I have seen a couple of models rock them in other magazines with other outfits, so they can most definitely become an essential for your closet.
Middle: What stood out the most on these boots was not only the chunky, 90's style heel or the shiny black leather that screams "Buy Me!", but rather the item they were styled with. I love the low rise, shortened trim in the front of the jeans; they add an edgy look to the outfit and don't hide the gold detailing of the side zipper. These boots from CITIZENSOFHUMANITY.COM, also seem very versatile when it comes to matching outfits and best of all, according to the article in the magazine, they make for a great DIY at home project; whether it's with jeans or a shirt, these shoes are sure to bring the sexy into any outfit.
Far Right: Ever since my mom bought a pair of the same style shoes a while back, I have been on the hunt to find the same. Although my mom wears a size 9 and wear a size 7, I wanted to try them on to see if what she was telling me about the comfort of them was true or not (But like with everything else, she was 100% right!) So when I saw these shoes in the pages of this magazine, I had to flash a picture and include them in this blog post. Trust me when I say they go with almost anything (Emphasizing on Almost because they obviously don't go with Everything but you get the point). They can be dressed up a little with trousers for afternoon tea with the girls, or dressed down with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a long day of shopping. These shoes are a great way to express elegance and maturity to everyone around you before you even introduce yourself.  
Continuing with accessories, the next item on my list was purses:                                        

Magazine Inspiration
Left: Personally i'm not a fan of anything that has cheetah or zebra print, I never have and until I saw this bag, I thought  never will (Lesson of the day, don't ever say you won't ever like something because you'll probably change your mind the next day when you see it in a magazine and, like me, love it!) Not only is this MAXMARA purse very put-together simple yet hot, but it's also compact. The size of it is perfect to fit all of you daily essentials, but also small enough to not hide your gorgeous outfit. Usually most people choose their outfit first and then look into accessories like finding the perfect purse, but this purse in particular is one you'll be doing the exact opposite with; trying to find what outfit to wear with it. The fiery single leather strap adds heat to the bag but doesn't over due it with colour as much as to retrain from certain colours.
Left: This elegant CHANEL MOSAIC swing purse immediately caught my eye when I flipped to its page. I mean how could you not; the colorful array of grey, black, blue, and orange shine! And the enlarged gold Chanel logo also helps add shine to this purse. Unlike most purses, this one is purely luxurious and calls for more dressed-up outfits, but the type of clothing it is paired with; there is a long list to choose from.
After having flipped halfway through the magazine, I realized that there were photographs of dresses from designers A to Z. Although it was Very difficult to choose only a couple, I finally chose a picture with beautiful dresses of different types:
Magazine Inspiration
Let me start by saying I Love All Things In Neutral Colours! Elegance is all about simplicity, and these dresses show just that. Metallic, Gold, Silver, and Black, the dark palette of my dreams. The deep, low cut necklines add an edgy look to an elegant outfit.

Magazine Inspiration
All summer long I have been turning stores upside down to find the "perfect" jean bodysuit, but unfortunately haven't yet. It is not too late but I have a blank picture of the exact type I want. When I noticed this one, I fell in love; Like love at first sight, I knew it was "the one" when I saw it! The combination of the quarter length sleeves and shorts make this ALEXA CHUNG easy-to-put-one outfit is great for multiple seasons (Spring, Summer, and Autumn). The dark blue denim colour will make for a perfect casual Autumns day apple picking or walking the streets to nearby boutiques. From what looks to be a light material will go great with any sandals for summer bike rides along the beach.  Just Lovely!

Magazine Inspiration
 Once, I saw a picture on Instagram of a Fashion Blogger wearing two different style prints and went to my closet right away to see if I can someone recreate the look. This outfit also reminded me of that picture and I wanted to keep it for inspiration as well. The printed shorts grab the whole attention of the entire outfit, but the striped sweater helps to balance it out. The cinched belt adds structure and the buttons on both shoulders of the sweater add texture. It's an overall casual outfit fitted for autumnal days.

I have always thought that the only pair of gloves necessary for a woman's wardrobe were leather and black; preferably these. They scream "Audrey Hepburn" and will always add a touch of elegance to an outfit. And not only that, but because they are leather, you never have to worry about stains because most likely any spillage will come right off . Because leather doesn't stretch, putting on a pair of leather gloves will instantly slim and lengthen your hands. The best part, however, is that you don't need to spend a whole tuition fee for college on a pair of gloves similar to these; there are mock versions in stores all around when the fall/winter season roll around so promises that your sure to spot one somewhere.  
Lastly, two items I found are not clothing related; they are part of the beauty department:
Magazine Inspiration
I am probably the biggest fan of ponytails because they go with any occasion (I've seen celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway rock them). the secret to the perfect ponytail is not so much how you style it or the type of ponytail you do, but rather what you style it with; It should act as part of your outfit. I'm not one to speak because I always just opt for a regular black hair tie purchased from Walmart, but When I saw this model wearing it, I felt like I've been doing ponytails the wrong way! When I was little, my mom would always put my hair in two ponytails or a fountain pony on the top middle, but as I got older and my mom stopped styling my hair, I stopped using ponytails with suns, flowers, hearts, etc. This picture is a perfect example of a simple hairstyle, tied with a bold accessory to make a statement. Not only does that get rid of the need to other accessories like a necklace, but you don't even have to dress up your outfit because all eyes will be on your hairstyle. It's a way to cheat the eye.
Magazine Inspiration
I'll start by saying that I don't like eyeliner (I usually don't like wearing makeup in general but I put on mascara every once in a while). I already look 13 (when i'm really 17), so whenever I put on too much makeup, it looks as though a 13 year old decided to play with her moms makeup (i'm not so bad applying makeup, I just don't like myself with makeup on). Wearing eyeliner is supposed to make your eyes pop, and this colour blue sure proved that theory. I'm definitely going to have to try out a blue eyeliner because I too have brown eyes and from this picture, it looks like it suits people with brown eyes to wear blue eyeliner. The subtle dark eye shadow and coat of mascara add simplicity to the look, but the blue eyeliner adds mystery and depth to the eye. This look is great for a day to night look. The subtle dark eye shadow with the mascara are the perfect combination for a day in the office, add the blue eyeliner, and your look is complete and automatically transformed for a night out. 

There is obviously more and more (really the entire magazine) of things I found interesting and inspired me to recreate on my own, but this post is already long enough! So with that in mind,
                                                                                                                                                   Ciao! :)

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