The last time I posted an OOTD was forever ago. The reason being was 1. I wasn't going out as much as it was the end of summer break and everyone was getting ready for back to school season, and 2. I lounged around the house in the same outfit, because why throw something in the laundry that you have only stayed inside with? (I figured you wouldn't enjoy looking at my sweatpants and t-shirt). But as of last Wednesday (August 12, 2015) I have been going back to school again. When school starts back up in August every year, that is when my schedule starts to fill up, but that is also when I get to play around with different outfits and take photos of them of course!
I was originally planning on writing a blog post about my first day of school outfit, but since i'm a senior this year, the whole grade decided last minute that we should all wear something patriotic (those are my school colours: red, white, and blue). (And let me just say, when I mean last minute, I literally mean it! I had an outfit ready and everything!) So because I couldn't post that day, or that week really since I started on a Wednesday, I decided to do a week's worth of posts of my outfits (OOTW). I am a little late, I know; Monday was really jam packed for me so it was impossible to find extra time. This first post (although it's being posted on a Tuesday) is what I wore on Monday. I told myself that this year I would dress up more for school, not for anyone or any particular reason; I just feel good when I wear good clothes. For that day, I wanted to wear something casual that reflected what Monday's are, yet chic at the same time. This is what I combined essentially. Enjoy! 
                                                                                                                                            Ciao! :)
Top: Ralph Lauren
White Jean Bottoms: Rock & Republic

Checkerboard Parade- OOTD

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