Good Morning and happy Wednesday! I want to start off by saying this is my second attempt in writing this blog post, as I accidentally deleted everything whilst writing it the first time (slaps hand on forehead... Sigh...) I spent such a long time writing it and now I have to start from scratch! Oh well, you learn and move on right? That's it what happens when you commit to blogging.
Now I want to properly start this blog by say I am truly sorry (once again) for not posting frequently even when I said I would. I did not expect this week to be so hectic and mega packed with school work but it is, unfortunately (no lie, I have a test or quiz every day). Trust me when I say if I had the time to write I would every single day; hell, I would post twice if not three times a day! But I don't have that freedom, especially during the school year. Please understand that I Love writing (I wouldn't have a blog to begin with if I didn't) but I want to post quality content for you. On the topic of school, I do have a 5 day break coming up (the weekend of Halloween) and definitely have some ideas in mind, so be in the look out for that! Every other free time I have, I try and squeeze room for this blog because I'm passionate towards it and want to continue. :)
Back to the main topic of this post ( I'm all over the place!): on Sunday, my mom, sister, and I went to a nearby international shop called "Global Foods". We have been frequent customers for as long as I can remember as there is a good amount of Bulgarian produce to pick from; my family bakes/cooks traditional Bulgarian meals at home so that shop is a must go place at least every month! When we went home, I grabbed my lovely "professional" photographer (my sis Krisi), handed her my phone, and chose a very autumnal-looking tree on the side of my house to take some OOTD  pictures. I know it's still early(ish) fall, but the weather is changing rapidly where I live and I wanted to capture a few more Autumn OOTDs before I take out the sleigh. (as if I haven't made this post clear enough; I don't have enough fingers to count the amount of times I have said "Fall" or "Autumnal"). For my outfit, I have on a cotton jacket with square patches of brown, green, and orange. It also has shoulder pads underneath, which I love! Under that, I'm wearing a dark emerald green turtle neck. Yup, I have officially dug out my warm clothes. If I have to be honest, the weather was actually really nice that day; chilly but probably not turtleneck and thick jacket kind of weather. :/ For my shoes, I wore a pair of ankle booties with a chunky heel. Wearing flared jeans with heeled shoes helps lengthen and give a bit of a height boost. And for an accessory, I chose to carry a green purse to add a pop of solid colour. That's all from me; I hope you have a productive day and great rest of your week! 
p.s. Because my sister takes all of my blog pictures, I decided to be the photographer once for her and add it in this post. She doesn't know I'm doing this but she looks gorgeous and her outfit was super chic! Kristina also wants to set up a blog but instead of fashion, she wants to have it revolve mainly around cooking/baking. She is still pondering that idea but because she is passionate about becoming a chef, I think she will soon have a blog up and running! (I'll let you know if and when it happens).
Lastly, I'm aware that the quality of these photos are not the best, but I used my phone camera (like I usually do) and that obviously doesn't take professional shots. The lighting Is off but if you squint your eyes and look REALLY close, you'll be able to see my outfit perfectly! (Hahaha :D)  However, my sister and I are together saving up money to buy an actual camera. We have created a piggy bank and are on our way to reaching our goal! 
OK bye for now! 
                                                                                                                                        Ciao! :)

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