Here is another OOTD just as I promised in my previous post! I would like to someday have a set date and time to every post for you to be aware, (it is something every blogger must at one point master doing as your audience can make plans to leave time for reading your hard work!) but because of school I cannot commit to something as big as that quite yet! So until then, I hope you get to enjoy random snip-its of my life on random days, splattered on a blank sheet of paper (this blog). 
As October is nearing its end, the colours of leaves are also starting their departure to the ground. The first picture below was taken by my sister just two days ago, and already,I can see from my bedroom window that it does not look the way it did two days ago; there isn't a speck of leaf left on the branches! The inspiration behind this outfit is in fact the fall season, but more specifically the middle-end of it. Just as I just stated, once the leaves fall and lose their colours, everything sort of becomes more dark. (not in an emotional sense, just visually- I mean how could I think negatively when the Holidays are Just around the corner?!) The outfit I have on today, I personally think, captures the essence of fall. I don't know about you but when I think fall colours, besides the traditional orange, burgundy, red, beige,etc. brown pops in my head immediately. It isn't a colour I would normally be dressed in, but that doesn't mean it must be ignored, especially around this time of year. Wearing brown on brown tones might not be as custom as wearing black or black or white on white, but mixing other dark shades with it makes any outfit look flawlessly chic and Very autumnal! I'm also really loving braids at the moment! Ever since I had spirit week at my school, and I was to wear a 90's inspired look, I got hooked! So for this look, I braided my hair in a plat that I like to call the "Inside Out Hairstyle".
...I wish you a very cozy weekend (if it is cold where you are). And if you cannot have a day in or you look at your schedule and think, "I won't even have time to take a breath", Stop. breath in...breath out... relax... No matter how hectic life may seem, you should always take time for yourself!
                                                                                                                                                Ciao! :)

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