On Friday 30 October, I celebrated my 18th birthday, and let me the first to say, I feel completely... indifferent. :D I've never felt any different every year I become a year older, but I thought that 18 would be be the year I woke up, looked in the mirror, and saw a completely new and older-looking me... that was not the case (maybe next year... lol).
That day was overall great! It was a Friday, the weather was perfect for this time of year, and I had the most scrumptious homemade biscuit and creme cake (blog post idea?). In the afternoon, my family and I went out to dinner, then we came home, I opened presents and ate cake. When I was little, not a year would go past that I did not have a big birthday party; fast forward a couple years to present day, I honestly prefer something not over-the-top (going out for dinner and then a movie is perfect).
Because I don't have a hundred pictures from my special day, I decided I wanted this post to revolve around something that is not primary focused on me turning a year older.
I've always been a dreamer; I can safely say I have circled around the career spectrum and back. It started with singing; I would watch and sing along to the music channel in Bulgaria "Planeta" at the age of five, saying I would one day be a singer myself. In 5th grade I wanted to be a veterinarian. Throughout most of 6-8th grade, I wanted to be a actress and fashion designer. It wasn't until 8th. grade, I think, that I actually started doing career research and discovered my true passion for the fashion industry. Everything about this career path has, and still does excite me; I feel motivated everyday to follow this dream! While there are many reasons I love and want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, the one thing I will be able to do which stands out the most to me is Travel. Below are 18 beautiful destinations which are on my bucket list and plan to experience one day:
                                                                                                                                               Ciao! :)
1. Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy
2. Mykonos, Greece
3. Venice- Calle Dei Botteri

4. Lisbon, Portugal

5. Castle of Xativa, near Valencia, Spain

6. New Zealand 

7. Burano, Italy

8. Taormina, Sicily

9. Eiffel Tower Gardens, Paris

10. Colmar (Little Venice) Alsace, France

11. Castle del Monte, Abruzzo, Italy

12. Prague
13. Montmarte, Paris
14. Amsterdam 
15. Verona, Italy

16. Elgin Cathedral, Scotland

17. New Plymouth, New Zealand
18. Lake Geneva, Switzerland 

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