*Before you continue reading, I would like to opologise for the quality of these pictures; the sun and the white background make each one look blurry and just overall, not very great. I will write down exactly what colour each item Should look like later on and where they are from! 
Moving on. Another day, another OOTD! :) This week has gone by fairly quick in my opinion; I haven't had any exams or papers due. With that in mind, nothing major has been happening in my life recently; everything is same old, same old. However, Thanksgiving is coming up, and that is sure something to look forward to! I haven't got an outfit in mind yet, but i'm pondering ideas. So until then, i'll share what I have been wearing this past week. Throughout most of the week, I was in sporty casual attire, but on this day (I think it was Wednesday f i'm not mistaking), I decided to have an all-denim day! For my outfit, I paired together light-washed and slightly torn jeans with the same light-wash effect denim jacket. For shoes, I went with these slight-heeled ankle booties that have a slight green tint to them. Underneath my denim jacket, to match the green on the shoes, I put on a navy green turtle neck (I absolutely Love turtlenecks for the colder months! ). And finally, for a pop of chicness (is that even an actual word?), I layered on a white faux-fur vest. I didn't wear the vest to school, as I thought it was a bit too much, but for a casual day out, it would be the perfect finishing accessory to this outfit, I think. Layering denim on denim is totally chic, in my opinion, the only thing you have to be careful of is pairing the right shades of denim; you don't want to have an huge contrast between the two fabrics. More-so, go with two denim fabrics that have a fairly similar shaded (as do mine). Below is all the information regarding where each piece of clothing is from. However, some I have either had for a blooming long time or have been passed down from my mom's closet, so I do not remember exactly what shop they are from.
                                                                                                                                                 Ciao! :)
White Faux-Fur Vest*Kate Hill
Light-Washed Denim Jacket*Target
Army Green Turtle Neck*Not Sure! It was my mom's and she gave to me a while back.
Light-Washed Denim Jeans*Bullhead Denim Company
Ankle Booties*New York Transit

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