Hello Loves!
So... this is it... I have graduated from High School! I know I'm a little late on the post as I officially received my diploma on the 13th of May and it is now the 28th; however, its better late than never right? Anyway, I'm no longer a high school student, and I don't know how to feel about that... I mean I know I don't live on my own, pay any bills, nor have a job just yet, but this is the real world; I have stepped foot in the real world....
I intended for this post to simply be an OOTD of my graduation ceremony, but I'm currently home alone, it's 21:30, and if you're anything like me, this is the ideal time when all deep and random thoughts arise...
I have been thinking (for ages) about life after High School, and life just in general... I don't really know how organized this post will be because my thoughts are all over the place, so just bare with me.
Why is it that as children we were always told to follow our dreams, yet when we grow up, the idea of becoming an actor, professional dancer, or even an artist seems outrageous? I have always been a dreamer, and even though my parents always tell be to stop daydreaming and get a real job, I don't think I'll ever stop dreaming. You know how some say that we should follow our instincts because those will lead us to good things? I have those all the time! I don't think I ever think with my mind; it is always my heat that I listen to. I have these visions in my head, like small scenes of what my future looks like/will be, and let me tell you, it is good! Some will think this is insane, but I'm a strong believe that our thoughts create our future; that if we think good thoughts, we will bring good energy to our life and vis-versa... This is such an all-over-the-place post, but I just wanted to get things off my chest... thoughts I felt were worth sharing, because I know I'm not the only one in this place. 
I have just completed a massive chapter in my life and am about to start another one. This is a fragile part of my life, and I just want everyone who is my shoes as well that you should not let the words or decisions on others affect your choices in life. This is your time to shine... to create your future... your life... if you don't want to be a doctor like your mom, or a teacher like your uncle, that is completely OK! Feel free to do Anything you want, as long as it makes you happy. Because lets face it, at the end of the day, it s your life and if your not happy, nobody can help you but yourself.
... Long story short: Dream Big. Be Brave. Take Risks. And do only things that make you happy. We have only one life to live (cheesy, I know, but 100% factual) and the last thing you want is to waste your life away doing things that don't bring you joy, just to satisfy other's desires!
Well, if you are still reading this, you have Finally made it to the end. And thank you! I hope for those of you reading this, I have helped even in the slightest. I will talk to you very soon!
                                                                                                                                                 Ciao! :)

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