Hello from Bulgaria!

It's been a short eight days since my family and I arrived, yet it feels like i've been here for only two. Time flies... Although we still have six weeks here, I can't help but feel the days slipping away fast; why can't the clock just freeze for a while?!
...back to reality...
We are trying to make the best of our time, which means we have six weeks to see all of our relatives and friends, and along the way, stop to take some pictures of the breathtaking sceneries that Bulgaria has to offer.
Our first destination was beautiful Balchik. We spent the day perusing the streets, checking the boutiques, and indulging on gelato. The day as a whole was non-stop walking; when we got back I nearly fell asleep on the table whilst eating dinner.
But my time here has not all been fun. Overall, these past few days have been tiring, as the time change from America to Bulgaria is eight hours! (talk about jet-lag) On top of that, traveling is a great experiance for everyone, but personally for me, it's a bit challeging and take time getting used to, as anxiety hits me hard... different location, new time zone, stange faces... not everyone will understand, but for someone who is reading this and has anxiety as well will fully understand the feeling as being dropped in a whole new universe. The familair feelings of being trapped, hot flashes, heart racing, teeth clattering, faint sensations- unfortunately, they have all decied to take on this journey with me :(
NO complaints at all from me though! I feel so grateful to be here, and am slowly begining to adjust to, well, everything. I'm excited to share the rest of my experience here, as well as my travels to throughout Italy!
P.S. If you are curious, below is an in-depth description of the outift I wore that day. Talk to you soon friends!
                                                                                                                                                  - Ciao! :)

Graphic T-Shirt: Gift
Boyfriend Jeans: Kohls
Flipflops:  Gift
Sunglasses: Versace

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