another adventure, another blog post!
Bulgaria is beautiful as it is, so getting to share it with you is a must! Of course there are differences from America, but what two countries are alike?
*For one, Bulgaria does not experience humidity as America, which is a plus because on the other hand, summer temperatures reach over 40 degrees celcius!!!
*The food is also absolutely AMAZING; I have been indulging in freshly picked fruits and veggies on the daily from my grandparents gardens.
*Cobbled streets and corner cafes brew with customers everywhere you turn, and that is probably my favourite part about European countries in general- the small shopps and cafes.
I one weeks time, I'm heading off to yet another trip to Italy, so I am sups excited to share some of my memories on this blog with you... and possibly on YouTube (if I build the courage to upload, as i'm not feeling the bravest at the moment).
But until then, enjoy these rosy pictures of one of my outfit posts from a couple of days ago.
                                                                                                                                                   Ciao! :)                                                                           

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