Now I know having to pick an outfit every evening for the next day often leaves most of us feeling quite stressed (most of us, as in me included...for sure). All these questions bubbling inside your brain:
"Right. What outfit screams 'Classy', but screams softly as not to seem like 'I'm trying too hard?"
"What could I wear that perfectly shows without verbals, 'I'm perfect for the job?"
"What top do I choose?"
"Will it go these silky black and white, stripped trousers?"
"Oh! But what about this dress I purchased earlier this week? That definitely says 'I'm professional'.
"But will the weather allow for it?"
"Will I get too cold? I mean, it is November, and a pair of skin-toned tights will NOT keep me warm!"
"Ugh...The struggle!"
"Okay, I'll just go with the dress."
And when you've finally found The One, it feels like a brick has been lifted off your shoulders... That is until the following day, when your girlfriends text you inviting you for some drinks later that evening. You know this job interview is mile away from your house, and by the time you get home, you'll already have to have been out the door 3 minutes ago!
What do you do!!?
No worries, StyleReflection is coming to the rescue! XD
Read below for some style tips on how you can easily transition your "professional" day-outfit, to a "chic, girls night out" night-look.
*Side Note: This blog has, and always will be about natural beauty; therefore, even though makeup is a form of art and can most definitely help redefine your day-to-night look, it is not what 
Day-To-Night Outfit Transition Tips:
1. The first (and most important, in my opinion) tip that I can give you is to play around with accessories! And not just jewelry accessories, but clothing accessories as well. If you did happen to be wearing a dress during the day (and a professional one, not the cutesy one that you see models in magazines running in fields of flowers with), simply add a stylish jacket, romper, or cardigan, depending on the evening event. You could even go the extra mile and be more adventurous by picking a blouse (that's in symphony with the colour(s) of the dress) to put atop, transforming the outfit completely to look like your wearing a skirt with a top! I have done this a couple of times: one of which, I paired my dress with a long sweater, letting it loosely drape over. This created more texture to the look and made it more customized. (Even if you seen someone wearing the exact same dress as you to at the event, you can be sure that your's is 'one of a kind' because it doesn't totally match. The second time I did this trick was with a button-down shirt; I unbuttoned some buttons from the bottom and tied the two pieces around my waist. By doing this, you create more structure to your figure.

2. Let the bejeweling begin! A necklace, bracelets, or even a pair of dashing earrings can make even the simplest of outfits sparkle! And if your hooked on the idea but have no clue what exactly to piece together, maybe a minimalist gold bar necklace from AuRate will help. This New York based jewelry business is all about producing minimalist pieces which can tell a story for itself; it's class and elegance handcrafted to perfection!

3. Another trick to transforming your outfit is to focus on the shoes! Your choice of footwear can make or break your entire outfit; therefore, it is crucial that you choose wisely! Okay, that was biiit over-dramatic coming from me, but it is true that a shoe is always the finishing touch to a piece of art; the icing on the cake! Heels usually always dress an outfit up, while flats or any low-heel shoes dress tend to categorize a look more casually.
Whatever look you are aiming to achieve, at the end of the day, just remember to rock it with confidence and poise! And incorporate comfort as well (not talking uggs here), but it's important to always keep in mind that at the end of the day, the only person you should be looking your best for is yourself; don't try to imitate/be someone you are not for someone else's entertainment (or lack of it, therefore). Have fun dressing up and expressing you personal style!
                                                                                                                                                   -Ciao! :)

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