HaPpY nEw YeAr!
Wow... another year over. How crazy is it that it's actually 2017?! I swear it was just yesterday my family and I were seeking out the perfect Christmas tree... last year!!!
And now it's back to the daily rituals of everyday life.
And I don't know about you, but I will have 2016//2017 crossed out on every notebook page probably up until April!
But more importantly, it's that time of year again which everyone looks forward to- The beginning. A clean slate. Day 1 of 365. 
 and that means...New Years Resolutions...
For the past couple of years now, I have taken a good chunk of time right before the clock strikes 00:00 to write down my goals/resolutions for the upcoming year. I would go up to my room, eliminating all possible distractions and meditate until my inner deep thoughts... Okay, okay, total jokes aside... But I do actually go up to my room where I can truly think, sit on my desk with a piece of loose notebook paper and pen, and spend an ample amount of time writing down all and everything I want to achieve for the new year. With that sheet of paper full, I would fold it up and put it away in a safe place that I can 'always' go back to and check off once completed and accomplished. Now if someone were to ask me where I'd put those pieces of paper I would tell them it's a secret, but the honest truth is I have not a clue... (insert ashamed emoji here)
So instead, this year I thought what better place to store my 2017 resolutions than right here on my blog! 
I want to share these goals with you because they could essentially become your resolutions as well; and if that is the case, then please comment down below and let me know of your progress along the way! But better yet, comment what new years resolutions you set for yourself this year and how you plan on achieving them!
My 2017 New Years Resolutions:
1. crack and break (into teeny tiny pieces) the shell that I have built around myself - I'm sick of always being afraid to do this and that. For christ sake, we have one short life to live and I could die tomorrow, so why spend hours contemplating on stupid thoughts when I could be out living life and having fun!!! I want to face my fears and take more risks; without them, life is pretty damn boring! And same old, routine-like! (I DON'T WANT THAT TO BE LIFE LIFE) I want to be Brave!
2. form more lasting friendships - With all my close friends from high school off in different directions of the world, it's not often we'll hang out (only on holiday breaks). And everyone seems to be making new friends at Uni, but that seems to be one thing I'm slacking on. This goes back to my first resolution- I'm quite closed in (introvert), making it twice as difficult for me to form bonds quickly with others. I swear I'm friendly and obnoxious and weird, it just takes me a wee while to open up to people. This year, I'm making it a goal to meet new/more people not just in my area or state, but internationally! Friendships are essential in our lives; they help keep us mentally and emotionally stable at times when everything else in our lives just don't.
3. apply to London Uni - Two to be exact! One way I already know I'm going to face my biggest fears is by applying to study at University in London. I've done a blog post explaining my dream of studying fashion in England and I'm going to take that step forward in achieving my biggest dream by doing just that! The thought of leaving my family and going to live in a country I myself have never been to before, nor has any immediate family there, PETRIFY'S me!!! But as the saying goes, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." This idea of mine most definitely scares me, but at the same time, I have never felt so sure about a place in my life. And something inside me is telling me that there is something there for me, so I MUST find out what!
4. blog more often - This one is quite simple and straight forward, but I currently have about 71 blog posts up and my goal is to reach 100 (and more)! I started this blog as a way of reflecting my personal style, all while helping to inspire others with fashion choices. This little space on the internet that I have created has been the decision I could have made nearly two years ago (crazy!) I love getting to share all my thought freely without judgments of anyone; it's just like therapy, but virtual therapy instead. :X
5. continue my regime of healthy & intuitive eating and exercise - I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get after a great workout, and fueling my body with nutritious foods has really paid off. No, I don't have a six-pack or a Kim Kardashian booty (even after 4 years of following this healthier lifestyle), but I feel proud of myself nonetheless for all my hard work! I don't follow any of the zillion fad diets out there; instead, I live intuitively, meaning I eat what my body craves! I genuinely don't crave greasy, fried foods and I don't have the biggest sweet tooth; but every once in a while when my stomach say it wants mint chocolate chip ice cream, I do what any health nutritionist and personal trainer would do- I go to my nearest supermarket and buy that ice cream! Duh! :D (this may or may not have happened last night...) Oh wait, no, I worded that wrong. What I meant to say was, "I do what Silvia would always do..." It's all about balance people, and that's what's the way I plan on continuing to live this year (and for as long as I can, really)!
6. read more - At the beginning of the year last year I got hooked on reading! I have always enjoyed reading growing up (going to the library was a weekly ritual as a kid), but something happened around the time I hit puberty, at which point I kind of hit pause on the reading. I don't know if it was technology or the school work that piled up every grade that I moved up or technology... I don't know, but I stopped reading as often (social media is addicting). However, last year something clicked and I got back into the reading grind! This year I want to read even more, and I already have two books planned (one's already started). In fourth grade, my teacher got me a book for my birthday one, because he was a boy and didn't know what he could get a little girl her birthday who he does not know personally, and two, because he said (and I quote) "books are the key to the future." That will always stick with me. 
{p.s. These were just a few of my resolutions. I have other, more personal ones, but I would have had to make this post private otherwise and that's not what I wanted.}
Though 2016 wasn't the best overall globally, it's officially behind us now, giving full room for 2017 and all the great things we'll accomplish throughout! Let's make this year the best year YET! I have a good feeling about it... Just Hit Play... So...
ready. set. 
                                                                                                                               - Ciao! :)

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